Millions of music fans know the signature sound of Tom Morello’s guitar from his time with “Rage Against the Machine” and “Audioslave,” but its his words that take center stage in the Dark Horse Comics published “Orchid,” which wraps its twelve issue run this week.

An epic look at a sunken, ransacked Earth where most of the population lives in fear, “Orchid” allowed the politically expressive Morello to blend monsters and messages with a tale of heroism and sacrifice. And while the focus was certainly on Morello’s writing, the book also tied to his music career thanks to free, downloadable original compositions that served to score each issue.

In speaking with CBR News, Morello describes his experience creating the world of “Orchid” with artist Scott Hepburn, the chances of him returning to comics and if he ever worried about being perceived as preachy.

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