NWMM.com is a website dedicated to the music, activism and philosophy of Tom Morello. While the site is first and foremost about his solo, acoustic(ish) work under the name The Nightwatchman, it is our intent to cover all of his various music projects, artistry and influences from Woody Guthrie to Bruce Springsteen and beyond.


Who We Are

We our a group of fans, music lovers, music industry professionals, educators and musicians- in short, we are a bunch of folks who love Tom’s music in it’s various forms, love writing about his work and love doing what we can to share his music. If you would like to contribute to the site, either images, writings or experiences, please Contact us here.

The Nightwatchman


“The Nightwatchman is my political folk alter ego. I’ve been writing these songs and playing them at open mic nights with friends for some time. This is the first time I’ve toured with it. When I play open mic nights, it’s announced as The Nightwatchman. There will be kids there who are fans of my electric guitar playing, and you see them there scratching their heads.”


While the sound of The Nightwatchman may stray somewhat from Morello’s signature electric guitar, punk-rock and blues influenced, pentanic scale driven work typical of Rage Against the Machine, the same revolutionary spirit is very apparent. Listen to The Nightwatchman, for free, on Amazon. 

Prophets of Rage


Tom’s currrent project. Features former RATM bandmates and Hip-Hop Legends B-Real of Cypress Hill and Chuck D and DJ Lord of Public Enemy fame. Listen to Prophets of Rage, for free, on Amazon. 

Rage ATM

Rage Against the Machine

Perhaps Tom’s most known work came from his time spent with RATM. RATM is the era and generation defining band behind timless hits like Killing in the Name of and Bomb Track, amongst many others. Listen on Amazon.

Audio Slave


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